Lasse Wulff Hansen / Koncerndirektør

Milos er den klassiske schweizerkniv man ønsker at have i de fleste ansatte. Initielt blev Milos tilknyttet et afgrænset projekt som arkitekt, men påtog sig rollen som interim CTO da produktet havde behov for det. Milos brede og dybe faglighed, lange erfaring samt villighed og evne til at påtage sig svære opgaver var en stor hjælp og gjorde ham til toneangivende samlingspunkt for projektets faglige domæneviden.

Michael Happel Olsen / Digital development manager

As an external consultant, Milos has been part of our development team for the past 2 and a half years. During that time, Milos has proved to be both sharp, skilled and highly productive. In addition, he aims for high quality solutions and generally helps to push everyone in a sensible direction. Milos is able to talk to both non-technical and technical stakeholders and delivers well-documented work. I can highly recommend Milos for positions matching his profile.

Kim Bjørn Tiedemann / CTO
You can count on Milos. He has very high technical skills and naturally becomes the go-to-guy in every project, that he participates in. He is a very skilled architect and developer and does everything in his power to deliver as promised. He is the one you just love to be on the same team with 🙂
Vinni Juhler / Programme Manager
As project manager for Milos for one of several projects he has particicated in, I can strongly recommend him. He is one of the most serious consultants I have worked with. He is through, effective and systematic. You can always count on him. He delivers on time and the quality is always on top. He also secure to document his work and do what is needed to transfer knowledge to others to be able to take over responsibilities.
Niels Christiansen / Project Manager

Det er med stor glæde at jeg anbefaler Milos Jaranovic som har været tilknyttet projektet fra april 2012 til oktober 2012.

Projektets opgave har været at levere en web-baseret applikation på .NET platformen til en ekstern kunde. Milos opgave har været at gøre det muligt at udtrække rapporter fra systemet via microsoft reporting service, være med til at udvikle forretningslaget i applikation og unit test.

Som projektleder for projektet kan jeg kun anbefale Milos, som leverer arbejde med høj kvalitet, og han arbejder selvstændigt med fokus på opgavens løsning. Jeg vil ikke tøve med at benytte Milos i andre projekter.

Ian McKee / Technology Director and Head of Galileo Desktop

Milos is a talented and engaged enterprise architect. He has successfully redesigned enterprise technologies for travel technology solutions including the Travelwire Content Broker integration platform and the Travelwire Point of Sale application.

He has been highly dedicated in these efforts and inspirational in his introduction of architecture design tools, UML and he has devised an end to end design and delivery methodology in a highly complex technical environment.

He has good understanding of scalability design issues and has an instinct for providing practical solutions when projects have been under time pressure. He has been exceptionally strong in using Microsoft .Net technology and was our guru in XML connectivity to various travel providers including low cost airlines, GTA hotels and GDS content.

He has since achieved similar success in the J2EE field and remains someone I would very much hope to work with again. He has good all round knowledge in various size of system, he has high tech skills, high energy and he very enjoyable to work with.

Uzma Bhatti / Advanced DevOps

Milos is a very bright and sharp consultant. He is extreemtly thorugh with documentation, which helps when he has to handover project information being a consultant. He is always smiling and is easy to approach. He is very hardworking and dedicated to his work. He has a clever way of solving issues and makes sure not to skip anything.

It has been inspiring to work with Milos on different projects.

Allan Fejerskov Ravn / Senior Developer
I have had the pleasure of working together with Milos over a longer period and during his entire stay at NNIT as an external consultant I have always perceived him as open, honest and very technically strong. He is very dedicated to the details of his work and on several occations I have been very impressed with his "out of the bag" knowledge on technical topics (webservices, architecture and good coding practices just to name a few). He makes a perfect balance between being an external consultant and working with customers and behalf of NNIT. He is also very keen on sharing his knowledge and embracing new ideas - and that combined with a humorous personality makes him an excellent consultant. I highly recommend Milos and his work.
Philip Helmer / CTO
I have had the pleasure of working with Milos over a 2½ year period at ComX where he was responsible for designing and implementing complex system architecture based on SOA. His analytical skills are excellent and he always delivered his work fully documented on time. He was a well-liked colleague with great patience, which quickly put him in a mentor role for several developers at ComX. I can highly recommend Milos and have very much enjoyed his good humor and expertise in the time we worked together.
Kasper Birkelund Larsen / Senior Developer
Milos has a great architectural and technical overview as well as the ability to combine them into well designed and very high quality solutions. Further more he is meticulous to document all his deliveries. One of the most skilled persons I've worked with.
Lars Hulvej / Principal Architect
Milos worked for me as an architect. Among the many projects Milos worked on, he was fully in charge of the design and architecture for a SOA solution connecting to multiple service providers creating a normalized output for internal consumption. The quality of his work on this and other projects was very high and detail oriented - I can only recommend Milos.
Mads Rosendahl Gunne / Scrum Master
Milos was assigned to help me and two colleagues with a project. The project was behind on schedule and we had little time left. Thanks to his technical skills, his efficiency and his thorough testing, we managed to deliver good quality on time. And he is a very pleasant person to work with. I can highly recommend him. In fact, I tried to persuade him to become an employee of NNIT 🙂
Jack Andersen / Software Developer
It has been my privilige to work together with Milos, in FDC. As I entered the team, Milos had allready been a consultant for some time before my arrival, and helped lay down cornerstones on the key architecture I work on today. As a co-developer I was impressed by his excellent overview, his understanding of the buisness at hand and how he introduced me to core concepts of the architecture. Milos always brings a smile, a great spirit to the team and takes responsibility for the solution at hand.

I give Milos my highest recommendation without reservation.

Jette Kongensgaard / Development Director - Northern Europe
Milos designed and developed complex technical solutions and always with a great sense for details. He delivered high quality solutions that were well documented. It was a pleasure to work with Milos both from a personal as well as a professional point of view.
Kristine Ziegler Hørlyk / Receptionist
Jeg har i et par år haft fornøjelsen af, at være kollega til Milos. Milos er en yderst behagelig person, hjælpsom og vellidt af alle. Milos har mine varmeste anbefalinger som både ansat og kollega